Some of the Biggest Disappointments in World Cup 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup left us with so many great memories to cherish. Some soccer fans even think that this is the best World Cup so far.

Whilst it’s an overall successful and exciting tournament, there was no tournament in the history of World Cup that is void with disappointments or down moments. There may have been a lot of moment where we are left astonished or impressed, but let us not forget those moments when we almost smashed our TV screen in disbelief or anger. Those moments when you question all the Gods in sports heaven why the heck a certain player or coach did that.

Below are some of the biggest disappointing moments in the most recent World Cup 2018.

  1.   The Epidemic of Own Goal

The tournament so far has been marked by an unprecedented spike in own goals. The opening round of the World Cup has been loaded with upsets and own goals, with the latter having a high frequency that it may set a new tournament record.

Senegal pulled off a victory over Poland and Polish own goal early in the match is partially responsible for this. It was already the fourth of the World Cup though that owns goal was more of a deflection rather than a mistake from a defender.

There is no fun in own goals – they are awkward, embarrassing and often low-quality. The teams doing this are not obviously picky about things but the fans who are watching can be.

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The South American Football Confederation is packed with two traditional powerhouses in Argentina and Brazil plus a 2014 quarterfinalist in Colombia. They have five teams in the tournament; however it’s disappointing that they only have three wins thus far. Two of these winnings can be credited to Uruguay but they did not have to fight hard because their opposition was inferior. Third is Brazil’s late show against Costa Rica on Friday.

Argentina has yet to win a game and Peru is out of contention for the knockout rounds with a game to spare. South American confederation has work to do if they want things to turn around.

  1.   Goals from Open Play

Just as own goals were so prevalent, so do goals from set pieces too. As of June 19, out of the 38 goals in the tournament, 15 of them are from free kicks, penalties or corners.

It may not be a bad thing totally, but it could be an indication that teams are having a difficult time creating chances in open play and putting attacks together. Though there is a slight improvement but a total turn around would make things at least a little easier on the eyes.

  1.   Neymar

Neymar is one of the most popular names in the world of soccer. He is even considered as one of the greatest player. But based on the analysis of his performance in the most recent World Cup failed to meet the expectation of many spectators.

Sure, we don’t dismiss his score when Brazil beat Costa Rica but it was long overdue. He was incessantly fouled and never really got going in the tournament opener against Switzerland. We should not totally blame him for this incident but nuances like these don’t really matter.

People were expecting Neymar to lead a talented Brazilian squad to a World Cup but sadly that did not happen.

  1.   Germany

The German story may be one of the few World Cup disaster stories.

They won the competition in 2014 and breezed through qualification with a perfect record; they had certainly a strong arrival in Russia. A do-or-die game was set up against South Korea with a tense 2-1 victory against Sweden and 1-0 loss to Mexico. It was rather a death game when they slumped to 2-0 loss against South Koreans, matching their dire record of a first-round exit set in 1938.

Germany’s woes were an early sign that the 2018 World Cup was going to be the traditional powerhouses of football. Germany never lost to an Asian side before losing to South Korea. Their loss against Mexico was the first opening game loss since 1982 for Die Mannschaft.

It was never a surprise for German fans though that their team crashed out so early in the tournament. France (2002), Italy (2010), and Spain (2014) did not succeed in escaping their groups after winning the preceding competition.

  1.   Argentina

The cruise of Argentina in this World Cup tournament was turbulent. They were widely perceived to be the favorites after they finished as runners-up to Germany in 2014. They had an enviable squad just like Spain and there were plenty of motivation ahead of their opening match.

La Albiceleste were in damage control after 3-0 loss to Croatia and a 1-1 draw with Iceland. After these two games, it’s a must that they win the final group stage clash against Nigeria. And they were able to do so, much to the delight of their supporters. However, the joy did not last that long as they squared up against eventual winners France in the next round.

It was a classic World Cup outing in the end, ending 4-3 to the French after heroic performances from Benjamin Pavard and Kylian Mbappé. Supporters of Argentina take comfort in the fact that France was undoubtedly the hardest teams to play in the knockout rounds. It does not change the fact though that Argentina came up short in this competition.

  1.   Spain

There is no doubt that Spain needs to be labeled as disappointing. It was clear that the golden era of Spanish football has ended, as evident with their opening clash to the depths of extra time against Russia. La Furia Roja appeared sluggish and dull which is so far if you compare with his Euro 2008 performance.

The national team of Spain is still filled of promising athletes though. The likes of Sergio Ramos and David de Gea are constant favorites in international tournaments. The faith in Spain that they can reinvigorate themselves is never lost, as long as they can adopt a more modern approach to the game.

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FIFA Best Player 2018 Nominees

We may have just concluded the FIFA World Cup 2018 but football fans all over the world are now looking forward on who will make it to the FIFA’s ‘The Best’. Last year, we witnessed how Lionel Messi beat Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar won his second award.

Since FIFA released their list of nominees, everyone has their own pick to vie for. Did your favorite player make it to the list of nominees? Will he get the award that most athletes are coveted of?

Below is the list of nominees and see how they stand in winning the title.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid / Portugal)


There is no doubt this Portuguese forward has ruled the Champions League. Ronaldo was the Champions League’s top goal scorer with 15 goals and Real Madrid won their fourth title in five seasons. Having a Champions League trophy on your hand will make you a world class player. Now imagine how legendary Ronaldo was when he lifted his fifth Champions League trophy.

He made a strong impression in the 2018 World Cup when he kicked things off with a superb hat-trick against Iberian rivals Spain. Portugal may have been knocked out by a much stronger Uruguay but Ronaldo finished with four goals.

His overwhelming popularity with Real Madrid fan makes him a strong contender in winning this award yet again.

  1. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain / France)


Kylian Mbapp can’t be counted as a breakout star anymore, as evidence of his achievements in the past one-and-a-half years with PSG and Monaco. He had proven during the World Cup tournament that he’s here to stay and that he has international appeal.

It’s a big deal to be compared to the legendary Pele at such a young age but he has already been recognized as mirroring the career path of the Brazilian legend. Mbappe is following the lead of Pele as the first teenager to win the World Cup. Just as Pele, he also scored in the final.

He grabbed the Best Young Player award with four goals which includes the knockout punch in the final and a brace against Argentina. And let’s not forget his winning a domestic treble with PSG having scored 21 goals in the 2017/18 season.

  1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Argentina)


Lionel Messi may have bagged the best goal scorer in club football last season. Messi was a force to reckon with in La Liga, leading his team Barcelona into the championship. With his 12 assists (1st), 33 goals (1st), 174 successful dribbles (1st) and 84 chances created (1st), he sure does dominate the Spanish top flight.

A poor squad and an even poorer coach in Jorge Sampaoli disappointed his World Cup performance. Messi was successful in dragging them to the knockout stages but France was just superior in so many ways.

  1. Luka Modric (Real Madrid / Croatia)


If you really want to grasp Modric’s importance to Real Madrid, watch games when he is not present on the s