The 2 Biggest Football Clubs in England


When a person thinks of soccer or football the first place that usually comes to mind is England.
With some of the biggest football star names known the world over and the clubs that made their names for them.
It also has some of the biggest football clubs around.  There are a number of factors that make the football club make this list like the actual size of the club, the wealth, supporters, its history and current league standing. 

The 2 biggest football clubs in England 

#1Manchester United 

Manchester United football club is based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester in England.It plays in the Premier League and is one of the top clubs in the league.
Their nickname is the Red Devils, the club was founded in 1878 where it was originally called the Newton Heath LYR football club.  It was not until 1902 that the clubs name was changed to Manchester United.
In 1910 that club moved from its old Newton Heath location to where it is currently located in Old Trafford.
The club won the 2017 Europa League, has won 20 top English titles and 66 trophies.
They have over 16 million Twitter followers and much more of other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.
They have a record signing of £89m for Paul Pogba which makes it a British signing record for clubs. 


Based at the Anfield football ground in Liverpool this club as founded on the 3rd June 1982 and has enjoyed being in the Football league for 125 years of its 126-year lifespan.
The club has won 5 European cups, 18 League titles, 3 UEFA Cups to name but a few of its outstanding achievements.
Although there have been a few major supporter tragedies in the club’s history it stands as one of the best and most formidable clubs in England.
Their nickname the Reds and they hail as one of the biggest clubs in the world football having fans from all over the globe. 

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