Cristiano Ronaldo Left Real Madrid for Juventus

If you’re like me, you would also think that Cristiano Ronaldo will spend the remainder of his career at Real Madrid. The world was shocked when an official announcement was released stating that will be leaving Real for a new career with Juventus.

Several questions came up with this announcement and one of the most common one is: Why is he leaving Real Madrid? What could be the reason why the Portugal star is transferring to Juventus?

Why Is Ronaldo Leaving Madrid?

Ronaldo is on the way to Juventus in a £105m move, with both Real Madrid and the Turin club confirmed that a deal for his transfer was agreed.

His ultimate reason for leaving is the feeling of not being wanted enough. Despite his nine glittering seasons with Madrid and fourth Champions League trophy in five years, his relationship with club president Florentino Perez is quite complicated.

It all boils down to this personal issue. It’s never an issue about how big the offer is. Though he could earn the same €30m net per year that Juventus is offering if he signed a new contract at Real Madrid, he wouldn’t be any happier since he feels not being wanted on his previous team.

A year ago, Perez said that he would give Ronaldo an increase. While he was waiting for an offer, Lionel Messi signed a new contract worth €41m net per year, Neymar is earning €35m net per year while Ronaldo is only earning €21m net per year.

Ronaldo did not also like Perez talking a lot about Neymar. When he won the Ballon d’Or, Perez said that Neymar needed to move to Real Madrid if he wanted to win the Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo felt unappreciated and when he threatened to leave the team, he felt that Real Madrid didn’t try harder enough to stop him.

He wanted to leave but at the same time he also wanted Real Madrid to try harder enough in keeping him. It’s quite unfortunate that Real Madrid is willing to let him go. They want to have the finger of blame pointed to Ronaldo though so they want him to tell the public that he’s the one who wants to leave.

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What Is Next for Madrid?

After 450 goals in 438 appearances – including 44 in 44 last season – there is no doubt that the departure of Ronaldo would leave a gaping hole at Real Madrid. What’s their plan of reinforcing this hole?

The team needs to acquire a new Galactico in replacement of Ronaldo, but it will not going to be an easy task. The new Real Madrid manager Julen Lopetegui was told that five new players will be added, however it is unlikely that there is a Galactico in this set of new players.

The plan has been designed in the last few months and it is said that Real Madrid’s attack would be Marco Asensio, Cristiano and Neymar. PSG is claiming though that they will never let go of Neymar.  Neymar’s PSG team-mate Kylian Mbappe has also been linked with Real Madrid, with Eden Hazard being another reported prospect. With other targets like Robert Lewandowski and Harry Kane being out of their reach, replacing Ronaldo does not sound as easy for Real Madrid.

Ronaldo’s Open Letter to Real Madrid Fans

Ronaldo wrote an open letter to Real Madrid fans explaining why he decided to leave the club after nine years. This letter was released by Real Madrid on their website:

“These years in Madrid, and in this city of Madrid, have been possibly the happiest of my life. I only have feelings of enormous thanks for this club, this fan base and this city. I can only give thanks to all of them for the love and affection that I have received.”

“However, I think that the moment has arrived to start a new chapter in my life and therefore I have asked the club to accept letting me leave. I am sorry it is like this and I ask all of you, especially our followers, to please understand me.”

“These have been nine absolutely marvelous years. These have been nine unique years. It has been an emotional time for me, full of consideration because Real Madrid takes the most out of you but I know very well that I won’t be able to ever forget that here I’ve enjoyed football in a completely unique way.”

“I have had on the field and in the dressing room some fabulous teammates, I have felt the heat of an incredible fanbase and together we have won three consecutive Champions Leagues and four in five years. Together with those I have the individual satisfaction of having won four Ballon d’Or and three Golden Boots. All during my spell in this immense, extraordinary club.”

“Real Madrid has conquered my heart and that of my family, and that is why more than ever I want to say thanks: thanks to the club, to the president, to the directors, to my friends, to all the coaches, doctors, physios, incredible workers that make everything function that are attending tirelessly to every detail.”

“Infinite thanks one more time to our fans and thank you also to Spanish football. During this incredible nine years I have played against incredible players. My respect and my recognition goes out to all them.”

“I have reflected a lot and I know that the moment has arrived for a new cycle. I am leaving but this shirt, this badge and the Santiago Bernabeu  I will continue to feel as something that is mine wherever I go.”

“Thank you to everyone and, of course, like I said for the first time in our stadium nine years ago: Hala Madrid!”

This letter surely moved all of his Real Madrid fans. They have nothing but to wish him goodluck on his new journey with Juventus.

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